Duct Hose Pipe Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Duct hose is one of the most cost-effective low-pressure products supplied to the market. It is used in various industries where the need to convey soft nonabrasive gases or solid particles in air or any other medium like chemicals or any other material etc. From textile and paper industry, sugar industries, power lances through to civil construction and automotive applications.

These Flexible Metal Hose or Duct Hose are made from seamless copper tube with the polished surface, and oxidized according to the customer specialize order, the manufacturing process may be extrusion or winding and weaving. They are used for conveying hot and cold water, steam and other liquids in electric cooker, kitchen machine and plumbing.

Aggarwal & Sons is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Duct hose in India. We are known for our quality product and loyal customer service. Our products high demand in the market due to unprecedented quality.

Our quality duct hose is ideal for use in industrial and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) applications. It is a lightweight product with a compact inside diameter and excellent resistance to oil, grease and petrol. Each roll of this high-quality hose is manufactured from long fiber reinforced material to ensure maximum strength. Available in both black and gray, the duct hose comes with a hand punch that makes it easy to cut to length.

Our duct hose is made from thermoplastic elastomer, this material is durable and lightweight. It’s finished with a smooth matte black surface and features a large ribbed handle and comfortable grip. This exclusive durable material makes the duct tape airtight, watertight, and oil-resistant. It resists cracking and collapsing when it’s bent repeatedly. Our duct hose also performs well in extreme temperature conditions up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 degrees Celsius).

With a comprehensive product range and high flexibility, Aggarwal & Sons provides services for our customers worldwide. Our engineering and production staff are always listening to the market demands and changing the products according to it. The quality of products is controlled especially to the ultraviolet exposure test and cut-test.

We make duct hose, essentially fancy covering for ducts

No longer will our customers have to worry about the cheap plastic covering that comes with most duct hose. The majority of our customers are contractors and homeowners trying to make their ducts look better. Our product simply replaces all that plastic with more aesthetically pleasing material as well as adding a little reinforcement to the hose itself.

We believe in quality not quantity

Most expensive is not the same as best! We know there are many inferior products on the market, which cost little but will not last. That’s why we have focused on using only the best materials and quality components to make sure our hose is built to last. All of our hose is double rubber-lined with reinforced plain brass metal fittings. We want you to buy with confidence, knowing that you will be back for more because it works and lasts longer than the rest. Quality matters so you get real value for your money and if you need more, we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

We are passionate about what we do and that comes through when you work with us

For over 10 years we have been providing quality duct hose to manufacturers, contractors, and do-it yourselves. As a family-owned and operated business, our dedication to excellence is reflected in everything we do. From the innovation of our precision products, to the responsiveness of our staff; we are passionate about what we do and that comes through when you work with us.

Our duct hose is designed for high temperature, pressure and chemical resistance where your system demands it, but also designed to remove heat away from fragile components. Whether you’re using the roll or the coil, we have the right solution for your application. In addition to being available in tape and label versions, our duct hose is also available with liners.

What is duct hose?

Duct hose is a very versatile and useful type of hose. Duct hose can be used for many different types of applications. Most commonly, duct hose is used in HVAC installations because of the flexibility of this type hose. Duct hose can be bent and routed without weakening it, which makes is essential in climate control systems. It also provides flexibility and durability that allows it to resist heat and lasts for a long time.

Duct hose is a specialized version of a dryer vent hose used to extract hot, moist air from clothes dryers in order to prevent fire hazards. It is made of lightweight flexible plastic, with a bendable metal core packed inside. Duct hose is typically white or silver in color and has a diameter of about 5 inches.

How to choose the right size of duct hose?

Before deciding which size of duct hose to use, you need to know about the amount of air that will be flowing through the duct. You can measure this in CFM which stands for ‘Cubic Feet per Minute’. The unit of measurement CFM is derived by multiplying the area (in sq. ft) of a duct by the velocity (in feet per minute) at which air flow travels through it.

Beside above, there are several factors that go into choosing the right size of duct hose. How large is your home? What kind of indoor unit do you have and what is its CFM capacity? What kind of outdoor unit do you have and what is its output? Does your home have any extra obstacles to be considered such as walls or ceilings that can interfere with maximum airflow?

Choose a size of duct hose by considering where and how you plan to use it. Choosing the right size for your application will help keep work spaces neat and tidy, improve air flow and reduce lost energy associated with ductwork.

What are the Advantages of Installing Duct Hose?

Let’s be honest. We all love the look of a dryer that is mounted in out laundry room. It just looks better than an attachment on a wall. But there are 2 major problems. You have to walk behind your washer and dryer to use them and they take up valuable space in the room. Our easy solution, our duct hose storage system, gives you both practical storage for your duct hose and frees up the space in your laundry room by eliminating the need to walk behind your washer and dryer to access them.

Duct hose simply connects duct systems and the products being powered by them together, along with any other tools being used as part of a complex ventilation system. When your ducting needs to be replaced or when you are trying to build a new unit, such as an air conditioning system, using duct hose can make the job safer, faster and easier. Use common hand tools or power tools to do the job correctly using duct hose.

Duct hose is made to be flexible and stretchable. It is always a great solution in applications that require the hose to move around. The duct hose comes in two general shapes that are either round or flat. Round duct hose is quite common and often used for air filtration purposes. On the other hand, flat duct hose is more often used in refrigeration and cooling applications.

How to choose the right duct hose for your project?

Selecting the right duct hose can be a very confusing and sometimes daunting task. All of the different codes, standards, certifications and ratings can make it seem like a research project to find the right duct for your needs.

Duct hoses are a common and necessary part of any heating and cooling system. Often used to move air, water or steam throughout the system, they are capable of expanding and contracting in order to accommodate high or low pressures. The choice of duct hose material can have a significant effect on a system’s efficiency and lifespan ─ choose the wrong hose for a job and you run the risk of expensive repairs and inefficient use of energy.

Where can duct hose be used?

Duct hose has many uses for both contractors and homeowners. Contractors use it to clean sensitive equipment or areas that require a lot of airflow. They also use duct hose to clean dirt and messes made by construction or remodelling projects. In addition, the twister duct hose can be used to wash a car while still leaving both hands free to finish other tasks and the portable hand truck provides a convenient way of moving around the car.

Beside above, duct hose provides a solution for the wash down heads on carwashes and is also used as a giant vacuum hose in many cases. Numerous auto manufacturers use these hoses to take care of their washes and clean their showrooms. The applications are limitless, HVAC contractors use it in the house, butchers use it on floors, hospitals in their operating rooms, under the beds for dust control, boats, pools, construction sites—wherever there is a need for the large diameter and flexibility needed.

How can duct hose decrease your cleaning costs?

Duct hose is often used for bathroom exhaust applications, room additions, crawl spaces – even in commercial buildings. Duct hose like ours is flexible and can easily be bent to follow the contoured floor of your home without kinking or blocking power flow.

In these tough economic times, finding ways to lower cleaning costs is a priority. As with any industry, there are ways to do more with less investment. Reducing the frequency, you need to clean your ductwork is an important step towards reducing overall cleaning costs. To help you in this area, we offer a line of duct hoses that have been engineered to maximize suction power and air flow.

If you’re using duct hose for your air conditioning and heating needs, you’re not only reducing your costs, but contributing to a cleaner environment. That’s because its highly resistant to both mould and mildew. We also make sure that reusing this hose is as easy as possible. Our connector system makes it so that duct hose pipes fit seamlessly together—without the need for extra adhesives or fasteners. DIYers can also save time by installing our pre-attached elbow connector that keeps the pipe perfectly in place and lets you avoid crawling on the floor during installation. That means less stress, more time.

Tips to care for your duct hose in-store?

Put your hose in the sun.  We’re not kidding. We know it sounds strange, but putting your hose in the sun is the best way to dry it out after using it inside. If you don’t live in an area that gets much sun and you’re concerned about drying out the lining of your duct hose, wipe it down with a towel before storing.  Duct hoses are made from a synthetic rubber, and have a tendency to hold water if they’re left wet for long periods of time by absorbing them. So, make sure you’ve dried it off before stowing it away.

Beside above, keep your duct hose clean and in good shape between installations by wiping with a cloth soaked in warm water and vinegar solution. This will remove the dust build-up that would otherwise leave you with ruined ducts when you have them installed.

Duct Hose Vs. Coated Hose

Our Duct Hose and Coated Hose provide peace of mind for any home with a forced air system. While both hoses are made to withstand high temperatures, the Coated Hose offers additional exterior protection from burns, abrasions and UV damage. The Duct Hose comes in multiple colors including green, black, red and blue, ideal for color-coded duct work. Our hoses are designed with easy-grip handles that make coil winding and storage a snap!

Coated and duct hose are both made of various types of fabrics woven together to produce hoses with varying degrees of flexibility, durability, and ability to handle extreme temperatures. Coated hose and duct hose both have abrasion resistance capabilities that make them perfect for tough or unyielding applications. They are both flexible enough to move easily when coiled but still hold their shape when extended, making more versatility from the hose.