Industrial Hose Pipe Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

We are the leading industrial Hose Pipe Manufacturer. Our products have high temperature, pressure and chemical resistance as well as good ductility and permeability to liquids. Our pipes can be used for Oil, Gas, Steam, Water, Air pressure and Vacuum Distribution systems and Water supply system in Residential & Commercial buildings.

Hoses manufactured by us are of high quality and very durable. These are made from raw materials which are procured from the most reliable vendors in the market. Our products are extensively used in construction industry for connecting water pipes and firefighting equipment. We offer these products in different specifications as per clients’ requirements.

As, we are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Industrial Hoses. We are able to fulfil bulk orders at very affordable rates. We are having minimum defect ratio with high quality, which is a sure shot way to win the trust of buyers in an instant. Our products comply with international quality standards and are appreciated by our customers for their durability, high performance and perfect finish.

Industrial hose is the major products we made. All cooperation we can provide with the exact material as you required, our service including: Delivery container, loading, unloading, transport and so on.  Our products are widely used for: Oil transportation, chemical liquid transfer and so on.

Our team of experts is proud to introduce a truly innovative solution for the industrial hose market: our product guarantees high performance, extended lifetime and easy use. If you are interested in distributing our unique products internationally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why use industrial hoses?

Our industrial hoses are designed as a high-pressure hose. They can endure extreme temperatures and extremely high-water pressures. Due to their tough composition of over 95% rubber, they are flexible, elastic and durable. They can be used in the industry of firefighting, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment (e.g., removal of solids), water treatment (in dichlorination), food & beverage processing plants, gas stations, car washes, homes with swimming pools. Industrial hoses are not only made for the industries mentioned above but also for mining operations and even your white carpet cleaner!

Industrial hoses perform hard jobs day in and day out, on the job site and off. No matter the job— from air tools to compressors, blowers to inflators— these premium hoses stand up to extreme weather, wear and tear, and temperature extremes. Industrial hoses designed for the rigors of equipment operation are 100% tested at high pressure and low temperature to ensure the highest quality across a broad range of applications.

Why industrial hose protectors are a good idea?

Industrial hose protectors provide security, safety, and protection for hoses that are in constant use. When it comes to the health of your hoses, you have to make sure that they are safe and secure from sharp objects and other contaminants. Hose protectors can help you do this by keeping the hoses upright and straight while they are secured inside of them. This can help your hoses last a lot longer than usual since they won’t be getting any cuts or snags in them.

Various types of industrial hoses?

For use in transferring liquids from one container to another, these industrial hoses are a vital part of any industry that uses liquid transfers. Their suitability ranges from factories to schools, and from breweries to bakeries. Carrying capacities for these industrial hoses vary widely due to their different materials (for example, the high flexibility of rubber hoses and the considerable strength and weight that can be carried by a textile hose). They also have other features such as metal reinforcing bands within their walls to extend their life span.

Whether you’re looking for a specific type of industrial hose, or are trying to match your old hose up with a replacement, finding the correct information online can be difficult. There are multiple properties, materials, and specifications involved in the creation of industrial hoses, making it difficult for consumers to find all the information they need in one place. Our website simplifies this process by allowing users to estimate the flow rate and price of any industrial hose- only two steps away from finding their perfect fit!

How to maintain your Industrial hoses?

Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your industrial hose systems have a long, functional lifespan. Onsite Services provides on-site maintenance on all types of industrial hoses through remote monitoring and repair technologies, or with an experienced team of technicians who can conduct a variety of preventive maintenance services. Preventative maintenance assists in extending the life of hoses which could otherwise prove costly over time.

Our hoses are second-to-none in quality and craftsmanship, and, since all of our products are assembled in-house at our facility in India, we can guarantee that the hose components you receive will meet or exceed any hose installed on your equipment.

What to look for in an industrial hose manufacturer?

Industrial hoses are used in many applications, from water supply, gas supply, hydraulic systems, various types of agriculture to high pressure oil & gas industries. For any industrial hose application, it is helpful to find an industrial hose manufacturer that also has the experience to help define the application and ensure that they develop a customized solution. In addition to providing a variety of custom hose products, we also provide design services for your specification needs with end-to-end product and project support.

How to choose the right material for your industrial hose protectors?

When choosing material for your industrial hose protectors there are two main points to consider: The automotive industry in every country requires safety and environmental protection. Rubber has been the traditional material for years when it comes to making hose protectors. However, due to its low hardness, rubber should only be used for low pressure hoses, such as garden hoses. Additionally, when a lower quality rubber is used, many gasoline and hydraulic fluids can actually dissolve and eat away at the rubber itself.

To help selection of industrial hose protectors, you should consider some main factors. These factors are material, length and shape of the hose. It is also important to check out if the hose protectors are flame retardant, suitable for outdoor or indoor use and which ones offer push-pull coupling to ensure a fast and easy connection. Some industrial hose protectors are also designed with leaks detectors in case any damage or leakage is found before the hose bursts.

Why to buy industrial hoses online from us?

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial hoses in India. We make sure that our product reaches to you in a safe and sound packaging. Our wide range includes food grade & fire-fighting hoses which are produced using quality raw materials. A team of experts checks the raw material thoroughly to ensure that we pack only flawless products for our clients. The hoses we manufacture are offered at the best price so that companies can buy them in bulk. Our assured quality will make a long-lasting impression on you, and our prices will make you trust us even more. The delivery of products is done in time.