Metal Hose Pipe Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Our heavy-duty metal hose is the strongest and longest lasting hose on the market. It is ideal for any industrial or heavy-duty use. Metal hose is suitable for any garden. Its metal construction makes it extremely durable and effective in watering your garden plants. It arrives in a gift box making it a great gift for any gardening enthusiast.

We are the leading manufacturer of metal hose with a 10-year history. Our ENERGY efficient hoses consume 60-70 % less energy than rubber hoses. They also withstand temperatures up to 250°C, are dent, vibration and kink resistant. The hoses are safe to use with water, oils, acids, solvents and fertilizers.

We are committed to producing and distributing quality metal hose products. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, from the most reliable materials. This is why our products are increasing in popularity and this will continue as long as we continue to meet or exceed the quality standards of all our competitors. Our metal hose is the perfect material, at the right thickness to ensure flexibility and durability. The exterior has a high gloss finish that protects it from scratches and the interior is non-sparking.

Our manufacturing process, all of our metal hoses are hand formed, individually welded and pressure tested for both air tightness and the ability to withstand high pressure. Hoses are then tested at a PSI of 25,000 before leaving the manufacturing facility using nitrogen gas. Each hose is also dipped in hot oil ten times, giving it superior durability. All ends come with high temperature rubber gaskets to ensure no leakage. Designed to meet tough aesthetic and engineering criteria, our metal hose is seven times stronger than regular plastic hoses. It comes in a variety of different sizes and colors, providing the right fit for almost all uses.

What is a metal hose?

Metal hose is constructed of steel. It is nearly invincible. A metal hose does not kink, develop pinholes, or crack. It can be used in the coldest weather, from -40°F to 185°F, without restriction and without shutting down your water flow. All metal hose systems are manufactured by patented technology, using a chemical process which produces a seamless 360° band around the hose called the weld zone. The weld zone is impervious to corrosion and moves freely in the inside diameter without chafing like standard rubber couplings do.

Our metal hose is durable and lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere. The brass end fittings have a modern, minimalist design, and the flat design makes storage easy. We’ve designed these hoses to be efficient, portable, and built to last.

What are the advantages of a metal hose?

There are many benefits to metal hoses such as durability and freedom from kinks and tangles. Metal is very sturdy allowing it to stand up against the elements without leaching it affects its appearance or performance. Metal does not kink, so it eliminates the need to constantly untwist the hose like you would with a regular hose. Because metal is unaffected by temperatures, it requires less energy to operate, thus eliminating that wasteful effort of bringing a garden hose inside every time the temperature drops for fear it can’t handle the low temperatures.

All metal hose is a true upgrade when it comes to quality and durability. It is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of high-pressure cleaning, falling back on its strength, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

What are the everyday uses of a metal hose?

Metal hoses are used in diverse areas such as irrigation, painting, the automotive industry, cooling various electronic devices, fire-fighting and hydrant connections. There are several size variations of metal hose fittings available and they are made to fit almost any area in which they may be needed. Metal hoses are durable and easy to work with but do need a firm grip to keep from damaging or twisting. They are compatible with many different materials, including various liquids as well as gases.

What size metal hose do you need?

A metal hose is needed for just about any gas over a certain size. The 4″ Mini-3 is going to be the smallest one that you would need, but you could just use the big green connector on a small stove or something like that. The biggest thing to consider is the application and required PSI and GPM. If you are looking for a really cheap route, you can remove a 4″ air fitting (probably low pressure) from an air compressor and install it on your tank. They are typically 1/2″ NPT or 5/8″ NPT threads.

Many things influence the right size hose. The amount of water you need to pump, the distance you will have to pump it, the level of pressure you might need, and your budget are all important factors.

How do you ensure quality control on your metal hoses?

We strive for quality at all stages of the production process but especially at the raw materials stage. We construct a Metal Hose using only high purity nickel and copper wires which are then braided into a triple helix pattern to ensure that no electrical current can be conducted through the hose, thus eliminating any safety issues. The triple helix conductors are then shielded by an outer layer of stainless steel to protect against exterior corrosion. To assure strength, the outer conductor is woven over with an interlocking braid composed of finely stranded stainless-steel wire. At Aggarwal & Sons, we are committed to not only maintaining high levels.

One standard is to Blanchard grind the entire surface for a blended finish. While this method works very well, it uses expensive grinding wheels which are subject to wear and tear, leading to uneven surfaces. Another option is to use brushless wool abrasives, which can be far less expensive than grinding wheels but results in a sloppier finished product with unacceptable levels of fuzziness.

What are the benefits of metal hose over plastic hose?

Metal hose is more flexible and also stronger for your watering needs. Metal hose is made of galvanized steel which has been coated with zinc to increase its rust and corrosion resistance. It will not have pinholes like most plastic hoses. Metal hose will last much longer than plastic hose and will not break under normal conditions.

How to choose the proper metal hose for your application?

Depending on the application, our metal hose may be made from stainless steel, brass or a copper alloy. Brass is more affordable and works great for preventing sediment build-up in the hose while stainless steel prevents damage.

Choosing a Metal hose is not an easy task due to the wide variety of options that are currently on the market, each having their own unique specifications. It is recommended to choose the metal hose which suits your own application by looking at some basic requirements of a product.

Is metal hose a safe material?

As the name suggests, a metal hose is made entirely of metal. These hoses are stronger than their fabric counterparts and are meant for use with high pressure water to cut or smooth concrete, asphalt, or stone. They are generally 7mm in diameter and can be connected to a power washer or a vacuum to provide extra hands at work. While they are useful tools, they can also be dangerous if not properly used. Some standard safety precautions must be followed.

Metal hose is the ultimate in durability and will never fade or rust. It creates a product that is designed to last and is almost guaranteed to outlast your current hose. The hose also features a built-in sprinkler head so you no longer have to purchase separate sprinklers.