PTFE Hose Pipe Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Aggarwal & sons is the leading manufacturer of ptfe hose and fittings in India, specialized in supplying ptfe hose, ptfe tube, ptfe cable sleeve, ptfe sheet and fitting etc. We are located in Faridabad City, a city of industries as well as Government Offices. Not only good in location but also with convenient access to the railways and airport. Aggarwal & Sons is famous with advanced production equipment, excellent technical forces, punctual delivery time and strong trade capacity.

Our Ptfe Hose factory is equipped with all the necessary machinery to produce high quality pfte hoses for all fields, including medicine, food, and chemicals. We use strictly the highest quality ptfe material in production. When you buy a fabric-covered hose, PTFE is the highest quality that you can expect. A ptfe hose is much easier to use than the other kinds of hoses, the fabric cover on it makes it be extremely durable and extensive used. It can be used in any kinds of industries.

With over 10 years in this industry, we are one of the top names in this field. Our rich experience and specialization allow us to offer ptfe hoses with a diverse range of features that meet your varied requirements effectively. The seamless hoses offered by us are manufactured using high quality raw material under stringent quality control conditions.

In our manufacturing unit we offer different ptfe hose products. Our extensive selection of ptfe tubing is designed to support the most demanding process and conveying requirements. PTFE is the most excellent material with thousands of applications.  The chemical and physio-mechanical stability and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, high pressure, high temperature and environmental conditions are guaranteed.  Techno polymers also offer outstanding toughness thanks to their extraordinary elasticity, low tangential force and good resistance.

What you need to know about ptfe hose?

PTFE hose is the latest development in hoses – joining the platinum family of materials. It combines the platinum group of beneficial properties that reduce friction and wear, with a fluorocarbon molecular structure that provides excellent solvent resistance. PTFE hose has retained all of the well-known properties of solid polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE hose is resistant to oils, fats, and organic solvents. It provides a high degree of chemical resistance to esters and ketones. It is also resistant to mineral acids and salts. It can withstand temperatures well in excess of 120 °C (250 °F). So ptfe hoses are ideal for transferring oil-based fluids like motor oil and hydraulic fluid.

How to avoid extending the life of your ptfe hose?

Extended use of a ptfe hose will shorten its life span dramatically. Use common sense when using a steam cleaner. If you are planning on leaving the house for any amount of time, it’s best to unplug the appliance or at least turn off the steam switch. When using your vacuum cleaner, keep it moving at all times and don’t run it in one place for too long (unless perhaps you are doing so on purpose).

Never use a ptfe hose for to pump liquids that exceed the OEM recommended temperature of 200°C. Used improperly, ptfe hoses can rupture causing even more damage to your whole system.

There are many accessories that you can buy to extend the life of your ptfe hose. Sometimes these extra pieces can help you get over the hump that your pipes are in and sometimes they just get in the way. There are some guidelines though that will help you tell which is which and avoid having to reinvent the wheel or purchase something unnecessarily.

How to prevent bowel obstructions when using ptfe hose?

One of the major risks for ptfe is bowel obstruction, a condition wherein gases generated by chemical oxidation of the silicon dioxide particles will accumulate in the digestive tract. This condition results from inefficiency in digestion because of poor absorption of Ptfe from the intestinal lumen. However, one can prevent this from happening by reducing the amount of Ptfe needed. This can be done by using a low concentration Ptfe solution to irrigate and clean the implant after every use.

What is a PTFE liner?

A PTFE liner is a micro-porous ceramic coated with an extremely thin layer of ceramic. This nano-thin layer of PTFE is so fine that most oil, water, and wine-based liquids are unable to penetrate the coating. This creates a non-stick cooking surface.

Why select PTFE vs. Nylon or Rubber hoses?

Because PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is the only solid plastic known to man. It means it has no give, ever. Thus, it offers no friction when working. It is extremely impermeable and can carry high heat without deterioration of the hose material itself. The typical hose is rated at 350 F continuous use. When exposed to a temperature of 350 degrees or higher, the nylon hose will begin to break down chemically. The rubber hose will melt and stick to the tool it’s attached to if it reaches this temperature.

PTFE hoses far exceed those in terms of performance and durability. PTFE hose stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene, and is a synthetic polymer with exceptionally high heat-resistant characteristics. Due to its unique structure, extreme pressure and temperature resistant qualities, it can be exposed to liquids without any fear of rupture or wear.

PTFE Hose and the Food Industry

PTFE Hose or FEP Hose is used in the food processing industry to convey the hot water, steam and hot oil. It is commonly wrapped around the steam spout of a steam table pan and fastened by a quick clamp. PTFE / FEP hose is made from a heat resistant polymer that does not absorb fats or odours and it will not harm any food material. The hose can withstand temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, endless bending and is impact resistant. Treat your hoses well for long life.

Why ptfe is the best material for your custom hose project?

PTFE is the only material approved for use by both the medical and automotive industries due to its superior performance. It has a melting point of 660 degrees Celsius with high tensile strength, anti-abrasive, anti-stripping and non-stick characteristics. When used in conjunction with silicone, PTFE hoses gives you products that stand up to even the most extreme environments.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) hose provides you with endless possibilities for your next custom hose or tubing project. Our ptfe hose is flame-retardant, resistant to heat and rot while being completely non-toxic. Our durable and reliable ptfe tube can be cut, drilled, bonded and welded. Feel confident knowing that each hose we manufacture is tested and verified to ensure it meets all industry standards.

How to select the right hardness of ptfe hose for your application?

Selecting the right hardness of ptfe hose, or any other elastomeric purchase, is not as easy as one may think. The hardest part is trying to figure out what is required for the application at hand. Are you having a chemical pressure vessel made, or are you trying to make sure your engine has enough lubricity in the lubrication system? For this tough choice there are a number of factors to look at.

Where to buy ptfe hoses?

Ptfe tubing typically can be found at a local hardware store, the ptfe is used for resistance to fire and heat based off the melting point of 500 degrees. It will say this on the product if its true ptfe. The hoses inside a dryer are made with ptfe, these hoses are what ruptures and cause fires in dryers because ptfe burns and the trail of fire goes to the outside wall of the dryer and causes a spark that ignites into flames. PTFE works best as fire retardant insulation material in this case where all other materials have failed.

We are manufacturing100 percent PTFE hoses since 2010. PTFE is a versatile, non-toxic thermoplastic elastomer is up to five times more slippery than any other thermoplastic rubber or fluorocarbon. Custom made of high molecular weight PTFE resin, our hoses are free of phthalates, nitrile rubber, silicone and BPA or BPS which could cause health problems if ingested. The chemical resistance of the greatest number of industrial fluids to PTFE is virtually unparalleled.

Ptfe hoses for liquid and gas applications

Ptfe hoses for liquid and gas applications are manufactured from a unique blend of 75% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiber and 25% polypropylene fiber. The result is a lightweight hose with superior abrasion resistance than standard PTFE hoses. The cost to manufacture these hoses are significantly higher than standard PTFE hoses, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Ptfe/Ptfe is one of the highest chemically inert, hydrolysis resistant, and radiation-resistant polymers commercially available. Our Ptfe hoses for liquid or gas are used in a number of process applications such as nuclear, aerospace, medical, industrial, or laboratory purposes requiring high purity fluids and clean gases to flow unchecked and not react with any other material.