PVC Hose Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

We are the leading manufacturer of PVC Hose in India, we have a professional engineering team to develop high-quality products and production process, with independent design. We also establish a complete after-sales service system to provide to our customers more wonderful experience. You trust us, then we can offer you the best quality!

Our company possesses rich experience in manufacturing PVC Hose and Power Spraying Hose. We are committed to developing better products for customers in a professional and responsible manner. Through the years, we have been concentrating on the production of high-pressure pipe, hose and fitting.

Our PVC Hose is typically used for agriculture, automotive and trucking, construction, or any other industry that requires dependable hose. PVC Hose outperforms rubber or cotton hoses because it has inherent properties that resist abrasion and punctures. It lasts longer than either rubber or cotton. If you are in need of a quality PVC Hose at an affordable price, please contact us @ 9811082924

Since 2010, It’s easy to see why so many businesses rely on us for their PVC Hose needs. Our business philosophy is simple: to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers to ensure they are receiving high quality products and customer service is our top priority. This philosophy has made us one of the most reliable names in our industry and committed to earning your trust through continual excellence.

Our PVC hose lines are made from commercial grade, 100% virgin polyvinyl chloride resin. This ensures that your hose will never crack or split. We also use a superior air-release valve on every hose to reduce and in most cases eliminate splash back and kick-out while using the hose. Our unique strain relief design helps to protect the hose, fitting and fitting attachment. This is what helps to keep the investment protected, so you are back up and running in no time.

What makes our PVC Hose better than others?

Aggarwal & Sons Duty PVC Hose has a high tensile strength, smooth surface, and is more flexible than most other hoses available today. Engineered to be strong, lightweight and easy to handle, our hose remains soft and flexible even at -40°F. The hose has been designed with the thousands of working hours in mind and will not degrade from exposure to oils or harsh chemicals found on many jobsites. It’s the perfect fit for any application where durability, flexibility and strength are needed.

What makes us different from other manufacturers of PVC Hose?

Our materials and production process are what makes us different from other manufacturers of PVC Hose. We only use the highest-grade PVC in our hose, unlike our competitors use HALOXY or low-density polyethylene. Our production process is also different than others, we have a sand molding technology that produces uniform wall thickness, as oppose to other manufacturers which are produced by extrusion molding, making them thicker on some side, and thinner on the other side.

Beside above, the answer lies in that we manufacture our PVC Hose in complete house with the most advanced machines in our line, which makes possible to produce high quality products in low cost. We adopt good quality materials to produce our products which are environmentally friendly and harmless to human being.

Why is everyone so fascinated with our PVC Hoses?

Our PVC hoses are completely non-toxic and recyclable. They are so flexible you will think that they are rubber. You can hold your end in one hand and use the other to zip tie or tie down the hose end, and it still doesn’t kink! If you were to get a fire hose permanent marker and mark up the vinyl hose it would gently rub off as if by magic with a dry cloth, proving that these hoses have no harmful PVC ingredients.

Our PVC Hoses are of the highest quality and made in the India. They can be used in extreme conditions including high pressure, low temperature and contains no harmful chemical agents. Our new fire hoses are used by firefighters throughout the country to fight wildfires and other conflagrations.

Our PVC Hoses are the greatest asset for your cleaning needs. They can be used to clean areas that are very hard to reach such as in between walls and other tight spaces. Our PVC Hoses have many uses other than cleaning, they can be used to secure your furniture by putting it underneath the leg of the furniture on both ends so that if one end gets loose it may still hold up your furniture.

What is used to describe “PVC hose”?

“PVC hose” refers to the process of bending PVC piping into a desired shape, as well as to the object itself. This contemporary design features an intermixed organic-inspired morphology cast in a high-gloss finish. The piece requires no clasp – just wrap it around your wrist like a bracelet and secure with the magnetic closure.

PVC hose is a general term that refers to any flexible pipe designed to convey fluids. It is most commonly used for water and liquid sewage, but it is also commonly used for air, gas, steam, and other non-flammable fluids. Often seen in transportation, machines, and construction industries, you may be shocked by the extent of uses PVC has grown into.

Our PVC Hose is a multipurpose flexible hose that can be used to seamlessly connect plumbing and other household applications. This hose should not be used with chemicals or harsh chemicals.

What is PVC and why is it used in hose?

PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride. It is a rigid plastic material that has up to 30% of chlorine by weight. When PVC is used to make hose, the chlorine chemically combines with the materials in the hose to form a strong bond with them, and this ties the molecule together. Using heat, pressure, and solvents on PVC hose allows these bonds to dissolve. Heat softens the PVC, permitting it to bend, pressure extrudes the plastic into a more compact shape, causing air pockets to form within it and solvents weaken the bonds between compounds within PVC hose.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is used to make hose and many other products because it can be easily molded into a variety of shapes. It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, mineral oils, fats, and grease.

Why do we use PVC instead of rubber?

There are many good reasons to switch to PVC from rubber in your shower. PVC is non-conductive, so it poses no electrocution risks. PVC is also much more crack resistant than rubber, so there is less of a safety risk associated with accidentally dropping it or having it land on the floor. Unlike rubber, PVC can be easily cut and drilled when necessary, there is no need to deal with the difficulty of cutting and drilling a rubber stall base.

Where to buy this PVC hose?

Our PVC hose is the perfect solution to all of your irrigation needs. Our flexible, lightweight, and durable vinyl hose is ideal for use in any type of irrigation system, whether it’s for your lawn or garden. The hose can be used on a garden as a second source of water, or it can replace old ridged hoses altogether. Its smooth construction makes it easier to roll up when the job is done.

How long does the PVC hose last?

The material the hose is made of greatly determines the life span of it. This pvc hose is made from a material called cross linked polyethylene (PEX), which is known to be more durable than ordinary vinyl and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PEX hoses will not break, twist, or corrode and they resist cracking from sunlight exposure that could be potential problem. Another great thing about this hose is that it’s easy to install. Simply hook up the hose to an outdoor faucet, fill with water, and turn on the water supply to set it in place.